Secrets of Growing Strawberries Indoors Year Round

Secrets of Growing Strawberries Indoors Year Round

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If you love strawberries and want to grow them indoors, then you don’t need to wait until spring arrives to bite juicy, tasty and home-grown strawberry. The secret of enjoying the tasty fruit year around is just by choosing the right type of it.

Have a look at how to grow strawberries indoors year-round without struggling for space or caring for it.

Growing Strawberry Indoors:


Choosing the Type:

For indoor growing, look out for compact varieties that remain short and sweet. When it comes to selecting the right strawberry there are a lot of factors you need to look off, such as taste, size, freezing, canning, and jams. For container growing one of the best cultivars is day-neutral seascape which looks small, flavourful and produces lots of fruits.

If you choose to grow the longest fruit-bearing season strawberries, choose day-neutral varieties. Because they can easily survive in any climate and are very productive. The best part is fruiting doesn’t depend upon the length of the days, which is absolutely good if you’re using grow lights.


You can easily grow strawberry from seeds and from runners too.

How To Grow Strawberries From Seeds:

  • Fill starting tray with half-inch of soil, one-fourth of potting mix and finally 3 fourth of peat moss.
  • After moistening it with water, sprinkle some seeds on top of it.
  • Then add a thin layer of peat moss over it by sprinkling some seeds.
  • The seeds of the strawberries will germinate soon and get ready for transplanting when they reach 3-4 sets of true leaves.

However, growing strawberries from seeds take time to bear fruits. So the better option to get healthy and disease-free strawberry transplants from any local nursery nearby or online store.

How To Grow Strawberries From Runners:

  • Plant the tip of the runner in a separate pot which is placed near the mother plant.
  • Once you see some growth in the new clone plant, just cut it.


Select the best and healthy transplants from an online store or nursery and gently remove them from their pots without disturbing their roots. Now plant them in the desired planters and don’t forget to remove or trim the discolored leaves if any before planting.

Requirements For Growing Strawberries:

  • Location:
  1. Choose a place where the plant gets full sun or place the plant close to the glass door or sunny windowsill.
  2. It should get a minimum of 5-6 hours of sunlight to grow healthily.
  3. If you have low light in your home, then place your plant under artificial light and it doesn’t exceed 16 hours per day.
  4. Just put the full spectrum LED grow lights above the plants by following manufacturer instruction.
  • Soil:

Soil which has a PH range of 5-6 is most suitable, you can also use neutral soil for planting strawberries. Make sure the soil contains rich organic matter such as humus, compost, and well-rotted manure and it should be free from contamination.

  • Watering:

Water your plants only when you see the soil dry enough. Morning is the best time to water them and water only one inch of topsoil is dry.

  • Fertilizer:

Use fertilizer which contains calcium and magnesium especially if your soil is acidic. You can also feed the strawberries with tomato or rose fertilizer, once the flowering starts.

  • Harvesting:

Generally, strawberries can be harvested after 4-6 weeks of planting. You can pluck them directly as you see them consume fresh and juicy strawberries.

  • Pest And Diseases:

The best part about growing strawberries indoors is that, you don’t need to worry about pests. But you need to keep an eye on your favourite plants.

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