Seeds To Start In January

Seeds To Start In January

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Seeds To Start In January

January is a great time to start planning because for some plants this is the best time to get them to produce a worthwhile crop year long. However, early sowing requires a lot of patience and you need to take more precautions of cleaning your garden which helps in preventing everything that reaches your seeds. It’s better to use the best pest-free seed compost, it’s worth spending a bit more for a good brand.

Listed below are some vegetables, flowers that need to be sowed in the month of January to experience a good harvest all year long.

1.Sweet Peas:

Sow sweet peas seed in the pot which is 7 cm wide and filled with good compost plus 10 percent grit. You can see the blooms of these flowers in the month of May or June.


Late January is a great time to sow seeds of onion indoors especially if you live in zone 8-10. For zone 3-7 begin your onion seeds in late February. Allow them to grow up to 5-6 inches tall and cut tops off so they will be only 3 inches. Repeating this until they transplanted from one pot to the other strengthens the roots and gives you healthier onions.


Broccoli is the best crop to start in January especially if you live in warmer climates. It thrives healthily and gives you a nice harvest when planted at the right time.


Sow basil seeds on the surface of the pots or in a tray of seeds compost and cover them with vermiculite. It takes 14-21 days for germination and you can harvest this crop from May to October.

5.Chilies and Aubergines:

Sow 2-3 seeds thinly per small individual pot using seed compost and silver sand. Cover to own depth with vermiculite. It starts its germination process from 3-10 days and you can harvest them from July to October.


You can easily sow these seeds in a pot or tray which is filled with compost soil plus 10 percent vermiculite which covers its own depth. They start germinating from 10-20 days depending on the surrounded temperature and foliage displays from June.


It’s a good idea to start strawberry seeds from a really early start from January to February. However, this plant will grow from seed at any time of the year, but may not produce fruit until years of two or three. You must choose a spot where it gets bright sunlight and makes sure the soil is moist enough for its healthy growth.

8.Iceland Poppies:

Sow these seeds in small individual pots or trays which has compost soil plus 20 percent fine grit. It starts its germination within 14 -21 days and you can harvest those flowers in the month of June to October.


Choose a tray filled with good compost soil and sow seeds and cover them with vermiculite. Germination takes place in 7-28 days and you can see flowers from June and July.


Sow these seeds thinly in small seed trays using seed compost plus 10 percent grit, its germination takes place from 3-12 days. Flowers start from June to October/November.

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