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So many of you asked about period panties…

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I made the switch 4 years ago, gradually at first still using organic tampons and liners.

My first period panties were from Thinx and I must say as much as I liked saving the environment I did not really like the synthetic outer layer, having worn cotton only underwear for most of my life.
My next order included a fully cotton pair of period undies, but they still had a weird waistband and weren’t really that comfortable.

I was on the lookout for something better, more comfy, and 100% natural. That’s when I found my favorite pair of MaMoons by They are handmade from stretchy hemp and bamboo and even after hours of wearing, depending on the flow of course, they still feel super comfortable.

In the meantime Thinx was in the news regarding the chemicals found in their underwear and in 2021 a lawsuit was filed. Check out PFAS …

The Thinx panties also developed a smell after a while, which I believe has to do with the chemicals and synthetics.
Needless to say this has never happened to my all natural period underwear!!

Everyone has to find what works best for them, and for me it is definitely period panties. Tampons now stop my flow and I try to avoid them. Also keep in mind that we are ever changing 🌀

If you are struggling with any kind of #periodproblems try ditching all plug- and non organic products and note the changes over the next 3 cycles.

One last thing, the handmade all natural panties seem to be expensive at first glance, but I look at it as an investment. I am directly supporting another woman, I am taking care of the earth and myself
Please share if you found any handmade period underwear that you love 

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