Keto Cranberry Sauce Recipe

A Keto Cranberry Sauce that is super easy to make has hints of vanilla and cinnamon and is ready in minutes. You’re going to want to spoon this low carb cranberry sauce on everything once you try it. If you love cranberry sauce you’re going to want to make my easy Keto Gravy. Serve them over mashed cauliflower and Keto Stuffing for a super comforting side dish. For more recipe ideas, check out my Keto Recipes section. KETO CRANBERRY SAUCE You can’t have a keto thanksgiving without keto cranberry sauce. This recipe uses only 5 ingredients, if you don’t count water, and is ready in under ten minutes. This low carb cranberry sauce has the perfect balance of tang, sweetness, and spice thanks to the combination of ingredients. If you’re looking for a good cranberry jam, you can strain out the chunks of cranberries before this keto cranberry sauce is done the cooling. You could also run the entire low carb cranberry sauce recipe through the blender when it’s done the cooling. Keto Cranberry Sauce Recipe INGREDIENTS IN KETO CRANBERRY SAUCE All you need to make keto cranberry sauce is cranberries, water, a sugar-free powdered sweetener (we used swerve), orange zest, vanilla extract, and cinnamon.…

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