Teach the “Quiet” Command and Get Your Dog to Stop Barking on Cue

Teach the “Quiet” Command and Get Your Dog to Stop Barking on Cue

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Why Teach Your Dog The “Quiet” Command?

While dogs barking is a good thing for intimidating people that threaten your safety and your home, sometimes it turns to be an annoying behavior when your dog keeps barking frequently, then, that’s really a problem.

Dogs barking is not disturbing only for you, but also to your neighbors, you may have this issue when your next-door resident complained sometimes about your dog’s loud bark.

Some dogs start barking for no reason, and that really turns to be so disturbing, repeating this every time becomes really like a routine that everyone in the house gets used to.

So, if you have a dog that does the exact thing, then we need to let you know that you can absolutely get rid of this annoying behavior. Do you know how? Let’s find out.

Fortunately, in this training article, we are going to show you how exactly you can control your dog and stop him From barking for no reason.

So, When you manage to teach your pup this command, then you can use it to prevent your pup from parking only if it is necessary, just in some specific situations like, at the dog park, at your yard when the mailman walks by, at home in the middle of the night and many different situations that you see it necessary.

What To Prepare

The first thing you should start with is getting some yummy treats because we are going to follow a positive reinforcement-based in order to train your dog the “Quiet” command.

In case if you want to use the clicker during the training, then you need to charge it up, moreover, you have to be totally certain that your pup is aware by all the rules of clicker training exactly.

So, we are going to show you now tow different ways of training your dog to obey the “Quiet” order. However, for one of them, you have to train your pup how to “speak” first. Which means that you need to teach him to bark on every order.

However, in case if you don’t have time or you simply don’t desire to teach the “speak” command to your pup, that’s wouldn’t be a big deal. You can then try the other training chance: whenever your dog begins to bark frequently and with no reason to. You can roughly schedule training periods if your dog as a schedule of barking for instance, the moment when the step in your door.

In case of choosing to follow this step in training your dog, you need to keep the treats in the suitable places around your home, in order to facilitate the possibility of reaching them once he starts barking. For instance, you can place them near the front door, in the kitchen, etc.

Teaching Your Dog The “Quiet” command

Whatever way you choose to follow to train your pup will absolutely work if you are determined of course. Once your dog starts barking the training should begin. Then, make sure you always have yummy treats sticking the front of his nose.

So, once your dog stops barking so as to sniff the treat, reward him immediately with verbal praise, you should let him know that he was rewarded for being quiet and following your command.

First start with a few seconds of waiting time that passes between your order and the time he keeps quiet by praising him just if he shushes for 10 seconds, then during 8, 6, and so on.

Then, and gradually increase the wait time and reward him for being quiet after hearing your command As the time passes, you can then Minimize providing treats, offer him treats sporadically or only when he manages to respond immediately on the “quiet” command.

However make sure that you need always to give him verbal praises whenever he follows your command, this will really help in boosting this behavior in your dog.

Just be sure if you follow these steps your dog will have an “off” switch for his barking!


Dogs are the cutest animals ever, and a wonderful addition in our lives. However, these funny pets sometimes turn to be disturbing when they start barking.

That’s not really a big deal, just with tasty treats and a little Persistence, patience, and time, you will be able to teach your dog how to be quiet and bark only if it is necessary, like when the mailman walks by.

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