The Best Crops to Companion Plant with Squash

The Best Crops to Companion Plant with Squash

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The Best Crops to Companion Plant with Squash

It doesn’t matter if you are a new gardener or an experienced one, squash is a natural vegetable to grow in your garden. It just requires fertile soil, full sun and adequate water for its healthy growth.

Companion planting along with your squash will help your squash garden to grow better, tastier and fewer problems with pests too. So, what you can grow along with your squash and what should be avoided? 

Crops to Companion Plant
Crops to Companion Plant

Below are some best companions plants for squash that you can grow alongside with your squash to prevent pests and diseases. Plus, a list of plants that need to be avoided while growing squash in your garden.

List Of Best Companion Plants To Grow Squash In Your Garden:

The most common way of companion planting squash is by using three sisters method. This method was firstly used by Native American tribes, and it is even using today with great success by many people.

  • Three Sisters:

The three sisters’ gardening includes corn, beans or peas, and squash or cucumber. Corn and squash can be grown in very similar soil, and water needs making them well suited for planting together.

Corn should be grown in the center of the garden, where it supports beans or pea plants, which are planted around the corn. Beans are nitrogen-fixing legumes and can be planted near the corn to make it a good companion for squash.

Planting Squash or cucumbers around the outer edge of the beans provide a dense cover that shades out most weeds. 

Planting squash along with corn and beans make it difficult for insect pests to reach the plants.

  • Beans And Peas:

Beans and peas are considered as legumes that provide an excess amount of nitrogen to the soil that helps to feed your squash to grow healthier and faster.

  • Annual Flowers:

Annual flowers such as marigold, calendula and nasturtiums are great to interplant or perimeter plant around your squash vines. All these flowers can act as trap crops for some pests and deter pests. 

Marigold plant helps to repel cucumber beetles and other beetles that may feed on your squash vines.

  • Sun Flower:

Planting sunflower along with squash can help shade your vines from the hot summer sun.

  • Catnip Or Tansy:

Planting tansy or catnip along with squash will reduce bugs and make them less desirable for them to hang around.

  • Flowering Herbs:

Flowering herbs such as oregano, borage, and rosemary attracts bees for good pollination, which is crucial for the healthy harvest of squash.

  • Radishes:

Planting radishes around the base of your squash will keep the pests away and support its healthy growth.

What To Avoid Planting With Your Squash:

Squash is a heavy feeding plant, so you must avoid planting near heavy feeders, so there is no competition for nutrients and other minerals in the soil.

Here are some plants that need to avoid planting along with your squash in your garden.

  • Potatoes
  • Onions and other root crops
  •  Strong Aromatic Herbs that affect the taste of your squash plants.

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