The Natural and Best Fertilizer For Potted/Balcony Plants

The Natural and Best Fertilizer For Potted/Balcony Plants

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Potted plants don’t benefit from those nutrients growing in garden soil. The solution lies in the use of chemical fertilizers or, best, of natural fertilizers. Using the latter is better as potted plants live in the house with us, and chemicals used for plants inevitably come in house air. But here are the Natural and Best Fertilizer For Potted/Balcony Plants that gives natural-effectiveness solution that works perfectly as a natural fertilizer for plants in pots.

The Natural and Best Fertilizer For Potted/Balcony Plants

Sugar – this is definitely the most used natural fertilizer. Mix one teaspoon of sugar in a glass of water and use the solution to wet the soil of potted plants. It is useful to all plants and stimulates growth.

Coffee grounds – is widely used for high content of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium minerals which make coffee grounds a high-quality natural fertilizer. This type of fertilizer does not require any effort. Simply collect coffee grounds, spread it on a newspaper and let it dry – so coffee grounds can be spread more easily. Coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer for furrows, potted plants, and Jardinière but also for indoor plants. Indoor flowers tolerate coffee grounds every 6 months. In contrast, outside plants can be fertilized with coffee grounds up to four times a year. It is advisable to slightly press coffee grounds on the ground around the plant and then incorporate it into the soil. For potted plants and flower stands, coffee grounds can be mixed with soil when planting. Roses, geraniums, and azaleas are several types of plants that react well to this fertilizer.

The water in which you have boiled vegetables – is a very good natural fertilizer because the vegetables release vitamin during the cooking. Simply cool the water and use it for watering plants in pots once a week.

Mineral water that you want to throw because it has lost the acid can also be used as fertilizer. Plants can benefit from high mineral content.

Banana peels are rich in minerals and can be used at the base of pot or planters. One of the two pieces is sufficient and works as a fertilizer with slow decomposition on the long term. It is ideal for annual plants that you keep in pots.

Ash – resulting from wood combustion is a high-quality natural fertilizer, being an excellent source of minerals. Ash contains phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and sulfur minerals essential for all plants regardless of their type. Simply mix three tablespoons of ash in the soil that you prepare for potted plants. You can sprinkle the ashes and soil above the pot. Mix the ash with water to obtain a semi-liquid paste that you put it above the ground. Two-three tablespoons are enough of this solution. Treatments can be applied every six months or even often for those plants which often have flowers.

Onion tea is a natural disinfectant. A tea made from 50 grams of onion and a liter of water. Pour boiling water over the leaves of onion, leave to infuse for 3-4 hours, strain the solution and put it in a sprayer. Spray it on leaves and soil to prevent the growth of microorganisms and pests. This treatment is perfect for all houseplants and for those who sit in pots or window boxes on balconies and terraces, but also for roses and garden slopes.

The solutions prepared from water and some fresh yeast, water that you boiled rice and pasta, oatmeal infusion, which sits in the water to soak the beans and other legumes can all be used as a natural fertilizer for plants in pots.

If your potted plants start to wither no matter where you place them then you may need fertilizer to provide them the nutrients they need.

The Best Natural and Best Fertilizer For Potted/Balcony Plants

If you don’t want to use chemicals because you’re afraid that they will affect the health of our family and pets, we have a natural fertilizer recipe that you can prepare at home.

You need:
– a blender
– banana peels
– coffee grounds
– eggshells

All you have to do is add all the ingredients in the blender and blend them until you get a homogeneous paste. Put this natural fertilizer at the base of the plant.

The plants will start to regain their beauty and health in no-time because:
– banana peel is rich in nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and keeps aphids away
– eggshells contain calcium and other essential minerals for plants
– coffee contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, nutrients so useful to plants.

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