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The Greatest Women Bedroom Failures!

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The Greatest Women Bedroom Failures!

If you’re in a committed relationship, you’re probably wondering what to do to be a better version of yourself for your man. In any possible way. Even in bed. Women Bedroom Failures

However, men are quite tricky – they don’t easily open up to share intimate things and they would just pretend they’re fine instead of talking it out with you.

Here are the biggest mistakes women do in bed, according to a study conducted for a man’s magazine.

1. Being overly quiet

If you’re one of these types, your man might think he’s not satisfying you well enough, or, he might not be able to “get to the end”, because you’re not thrilling enough. Even though you’re not feeling the urge to moan, do it just for the sake of his passionate urge and feeling of satisfaction.

2. Insecurities

Would you be attracted to your partner, if he’s constantly feeling insecure about his looks, or insecure about certain things he does in the bedroom? Let’s be honest, there are plus-size models and plus size “ladies of the night”.

They sure don’t moan constantly about the extra stretchmarks or the pounds they’ve gained because of the holidays. You are who you are – wear your flaws proudly and make him go crazy about that belly cushion!

This also means, not trying to keep your clothes on, not letting the lights go out, not covered under the blanket and other similar things.

3. Overdoing it with the BJ’s and handjobs

Though the male’s intimate organ is not as fragile as the woman’s, they still can feel hurt. If he’s not wet enough – he might easily hurt and even open wounds! Also, don’t be too harsh with the hands and the pressure you put as well, because being gentle and having a rhythm is all there is in good lovemaking!

Women Bedroom Failures
Women Bedroom Failures

4. Not doing anything new

You’re not even considering changing positions or doing it outside of the bed, not to talk about trying some lingerie, or roleplay… let’s be honest, if you’re in a relationship, you need a push and trying something new – it’s what keeps the sparkle on and the fire burning.

5. He’s always the one initiating

There is this old-fashioned codex of behavior, where the man is the one who seduces the woman. But sometimes, your man also needs to feel seduced by you. You will be amazed by the difference in your lovemaking when you reach out for him and the time in which he will get turned on!

6. Losing your “hot”

This happens a lot in long relationships and marriages. If you’re blaming him for looking at other women, not making enough love to you, or even you caught him watching adult movies – ask yourself if you’re doing something wrong as well. forgetting to shave or wax, not wearing anything provocative, not acting like you want to make love… a mistake needs two sides, not only one.

7. Overdoing with the phone

Are you an influencer, a shopaholic or just addicted to a new game on your phone? This is one of the biggest turn-offs for men. Your guy is out there, trying to reach out for you, out a show, and you’re like “Oh, wait, I need to collect my bonus”. Stop this behavior immediately – it’s really disrespectful.

8. Making a big deal because of  issues

Let’s be honest, this thing is pushed forward in almost every single movie we see on TV. But it is such a big mistake to practice it in your relationship. It’s easier for a girl to be intimate because the guy needs to get an e*ection. And sometimes, it’s not up to you – he might be tired, sleepy, nervous and so many other reasons!

9. Talking during the lovemaking process

It is a huge NO! you should relax and make love, not talk about irrelevant stuff. If you’re not “dirty talking”, then you better not talk at all!

10. Criticizing

On this subject, let’s just say that there’s a saying that goes – “you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”. He can’t read your mind and if you want something from him, it’ better to say “It feels good when you do this…” instead of going furious about what he did wrong.

11. Not taking care of personal hygiene

Even man care for hygiene, and to be honest, sometimes girls can be a lot “nastier” than boys!

12. Only going for the missionary position

It’s the basic, the easiest position for girls, plus, there are the kisses and the eye-looks. But no man wants to do everything all the time.

13. Bouncing too high in the “cowgirl

This is a huge mistake that women do and never realize it, why? Because it’s so easy to get him hurt while you do this, for starting. Beware of bouncing too high up and having him slip out.take it slowly and with rhythm

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