The green garden ideas in 2021

Decor garden green ideas in 2021

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The green garden garden ideas in 2021

Home gardening still tops the list among the trends going on. Many are taking it up as a hobby to relieve stress. We can get fresh produce to fill our stomachs. If you have a little space on your balcony, start gardening. There are many green garden ideas in 2021 available on social media platforms. Here are some green garden ideas for 2021.Decor garden

  • If you have a small garden, place some succulents. They tend to take up less water and sunlight. 
  • Place some colored jars or bottles filled with some soil and water. This brings beauty to the garden.
  • Place plants and trim it out of the shape of your choice. This is another beautiful way of arranging small gardens.
Plant trends for Small garden ideas in 2020
The green garden ideas in 2021

Carrots, radish, strawberries, tomatoes, onions & garlic, herbs are some crops which are generally sown in home gardens. They are easy to sow crops, especially for a beginner. As we know, trends change constantly so like this. For the coming year 2020, the plant trends are going to change. 

Here is a list of plants that will be a trendsetter for 2020 :

  • Succulents

Succulents are and will always remain a classic plant in home gardening. Many prefer them as they don’t need much maintenance. They absorb less amount of water. Succulents tend to absorb water from the soil if not provided with water. The water is stored in leaves, stem part of the plant. Some people believe that succulents like aloe vera tend to bring a fortune in their lives. We’ll get to different succulents of shape and size. 

  • Native plants 

If a plant is grown in a particular place, it becomes native to that place. Lavender is a very beautiful companion plant used in a wide range especially for perfume. It is native to the Canary Islands. These plants are also going to trend in 2020.

  • Houseplants for decor purpose

Ever observed artificial plant holdings hanging on the roof. There are many houseplants available to store inside the house. The famous bamboo tree which was considered as a symbol of fortune is still being used and will be used in the coming years too.

  • Herbs

Herbs are plants used for culinary and medicinal purposes. They will also continue to trend the charts. Cilantro, basil, rosemary, oregano are some herbs being used widely. Their demand will continue to rise.

  • Money plant

Every household has a money plant along with other plants, isn’t it? There are people who believe that money plant brings fortune. Therefore, this will continue to be in use. This plant can grow up to 60 feet long. 

  • Wildlife plants

In order to conserve the wildlife and protect the trees, plants for the wildlife has to be planted. For a better future, these plants are being planted. 

  • Foliage plants 

There are foliage plants trending these days. These plants have red, black or purple leaves adding more beauty to the plant. These are rare species and are not found everywhere. A perfect plant for your Small Garden Ideas.

  • Novel greens

These plants are going to trend the list. These plants are sown along with green leafy vegetables. They grow outside the United States Of America. 

  • Edible plants

There are many edible plants present that are edible and also are adding style to the garden. A 2-way useful plant. These plants must be a part of the list. 

  • Rewilding of the plants 

 Native plants grow in the absence of any pesticide and insecticide. This is the ecofriendly concept. 


These are a few trends that we are going to witness in 2020 in terms of home gardening. The trends keep on changing accordingly. So from here, you can choose any idea or plant trend which suits great on your garden or balcony. 

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