The Guy You Should Immediately Run Away From!

toxic relationships

The Guy You Should Immediately Run Away From!

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toxic relationships

You’ve probably heard a lot of complaints coming from women, and regarding men…But also, you’ve probably had concerns coming from you, regarding men and relationship issues. Why do women tend to enter in toxic relationships?

Is the Oedipus complex? Or is it something deeply psychological, built in the roots of our thinking and our society?

toxic relationships
toxic relationships

Here are the most common things a man who’s simply not in love with you, but you have a fling for him and don’t really know what is going on, casually does.

Here are the basic “playing moves” a guy like that throws around, without any feelings, simply for fun. Do I need to tell you that this stereotype of man is a “never go out with him” category?

1. The flirtatious one

Whether it’s a guy from the gym, a guy at work, a guy from you diner’s, he’s always “in” for some flirting with you. He doesn’t even matter if you have a bad hair day!

However, he never does anything more except the flirting – he never stops in to talk to you, or invite you to date, or ask a mutual friend about you.  He’s just playing and killing loneliness and boredom, and you’re probably not the only one.

2. The one who doesn’t care for a relationship

You’ve been on dates, you’ve hung out with your friends together, and you finally have a more intimate conversation about where all this is going.

He says he likes you, he’s super sweet and has all the traits for a cool boyfriend. However, he adds up that tiny sentence “I’m not in for a relationship”.

Just leave, or finish the date and never go out with him again, because if you think he’ll change his mind, you’re very wrong. At least he’s the honest type who knows exactly what he wants, and that’s not you.

3. The SMS type

You’re always pleasantly surprised about each text you get from this guy, and he’s always thoughtful, caring and sweet-talking. He surely texts other girls as well. Moreover, he probably sends the exact same message to more girls, as the fisherman throws his hook in the water while fishing. Don’t waste your time with this one, words need actions to be 100% true and remembered!

4. The “not about love” type

You’ve met this guy in the most unexpected place, like public transport, a library or a casual coffee bar. He’s way older than you, but that’s what makes him interesting – his experience, and how he manages to always say the exact things you think at the moment.

He understands you… However, he never married and settled down, because he’s “super smart”. And you’re on the hook! Thinking you’re the one who’s going to change that. This is the ultimate play type and he has way more experience than you – just get out away from this toxic guy, because they’re very easy to fall in love with.

5. The one who’s in a relationship

This is the type who’s in for just some fun, and mostly, in your sheets! That’s why he insists to spend more time indoors, you’ll have the perfect “home relationship” with this one, but he’ll never meet your friends or go to the movies with you. And he’ll definitely always manage his way out and never spend the night with you.  Why? Because he’s obviously married or in a relationship!

6. The “I’m not interested type”

All people tend to do things out of stubbornness, proving themselves they can achieve something unachievable. You’re the initiator of dates, you always have some fresh ideas on what to do and where to go, but he’s not responding.

Or he responds, but he doesn’t seem to care or have much fun on your dates. Don’t fool yourself that you will “catch” this fish – he’s obviously not interested!

Be more optimistic, you’ve just not met the right guy yet. Don’t compromise for any of the previous types!

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