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These Gestures Make a Man Lose His Mind Totally!

These Gestures Make a Man Lose His Mind Totally!

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These Gestures Make a Man Lose His Mind Totally!

Women are such gentle, subtle, yet – very powerful creatures. These Gestures Make a Man Lose His Mind Totally!

They don’t say for anything that behind every great man stands a woman who makes him stand tall and strong.


Who can resist a sweet creature, even more, when that sweet gentle creature is in the mood for cuddling? Also, so close presence will help your man feel more secure around you and make both of you move the physical barriers that are likely to occur at the beginning of a relationship.

 These Gestures Make a Man Lose His Mind Totally!
These Gestures Make a Man Lose His Mind Totally!

Accepting apologies

It is not a rare case for men to tell lies, spend more time with the friend instead with their girls, so if your man realized what he did and he’s standing and apologizing – don’t give him more harsh time and compare the things you do for him – be a WOMAN and accept the apology, go soft on him instead of being logical and reasonable, trying to talk things out furthermore.

Playing in the rain

Men think that women these days spend too much time investing in hair, nails, and looks, that are just so not who they are. If your man sincerely likes you, he will try to see you without makeup on, without your good jeans and so on… playing in the rain and getting your hair messed up, your clothes wet, might just be foreplay for something very sweet that is about to happen later on…

Cooking together

You ever heard that men fall in love with the archetype of their mothers? So, when a man sees you in the kitchen, making effort, cooking food, he would feel warmth in his heart. You can also make “a sudden mess in the kitchen”, on purpose, of course, just to get him to help you clean afterward…

Find him among all people in the crowd

The actual ability to spot each other in a crowded place is a sign for a healthy and strong bond because even your subconscious mind reacts to his body, silhouette and he will feel so blessed and amazed!

Play with his hair

Of course, those men want to play with the nice long silky or fizzy hair of their girlfriends, but men also want women ruffling with their hair as well!

Be honest

Honesty, even when you are about to say something you know he won’t agree with and won’t like, will be much appreciated and you will have a higher stand as a person in his eyes, instead of being the sleazy chick that is always nice, smiling and sweet-talking.

Gentle and sudden touches

Men are stiffer in character and physical movements than women. Sudden touches, especially at the beginning of the relationship are surely going to drive him crazy about you – ticklish touches, sweet nose rubbing and all of the girly small stuff you can do….

Be his “pal”

Do you want to keep him interested enough to spend more time with you? Start showing your fun side, playing games, discussing sports, making yourself interested in stuff from “his world”, instead of pushing too bald to just be his girl.

Achieving this level, being buddies and still feeling intimate things about each other is the greatest bond a couple could achieve.

These suggestions can help you lit a significant sparkle at the very beginning of your relationship and make your guy fall for you faster than you think.

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