These houseplants find your bathroom they are home

These houseplants finds your bathroom their home

These houseplants find your bathroom they are home

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houseplants find your bathroom You might have seen many indoor plants in entryways, kitchens and living rooms. But do you know instead of these places, placing household plants in your bathroom also helps you a lot and benefit you in many ways?

Storing plants in your bathroom may surprise you with many benefits. They not only purify the air around you, they even eliminate bacteria and absorb excess moisture around you. So, if you’re looking to decor your washroom that is simple and elegant, then go and place these little greens in your favorite place.

These houseplants finds your bathroom their home
These houseplants find your bathroom their home

Snake Plant:

The snake plant is an excellent choice for any home environment and it is formally known as sansevieria. This plant is perfect for its adaptability especially for bathrooms and it is extremely tolerant.
In fact, this plant cannot be killed easily and known to filter toxins from the air and acts perfectly to counteract bathroom cleaning products.

Peace Lily: houseplants find your bathroom

This is another plant that is wonderful to place it in your bathroom. It helps to cleanse chemicals from the air and easily will survive in filtered light. They love water, but you will be able to tell when they need it because the leaves will droop.

Spider Plants:

Spider plants are great at cleaning the air around them. In fact, NASA tested its ability to remove formaldehyde from a sealed Plexiglas chamber and found that spider plants were able to remove 95% of the substance within 24 hours. All you need to do is just hang them near your shower or tub.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties for centuries. The juice of this plant is used to soothe, rashes, cuts, and burns. Apart from this aloe Vera plant is extremely impossible and hard to kill.
It can easily survive in high and low light conditions and very good at absorbing moisture. This makes it ideal for growing in the bathroom. But remember one thing, don’t overwater it.


Orchids are delicate blooms native to tropical climates and they love humidity and will easily thrive in the steamy confines of a bathroom. Just be sure they have minimal sunlight.
These plants can be easily found in your grocery stores at a very reasonable price. You will find different breeds of orchids, it’s better to buy Phalaenopsis orchid which is very easy to care and maintain.

Air Plants:

Air plants just need water to touch their leaves to survive. These plants do not have roots and they absorb water through their bodies. They are great for moisture environments like bathrooms.
After placing them in your bathroom, make sure to water them from time to time. That’s means dip them in a bowl of water for a few seconds, it’s very easy peasy!

houseplants find your bathroom

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