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This Is What It Means If Your Ear Itches, Especially On The Inside!

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If Your Ear Itches

Itchiness is never a pleasant thing. Not in public, not when you’re alone, and especially not when it occurs on a body part that’s almost impossible to scratches, such as your throat, or your finger toes in the middle of a working day…or in the inside of your ear, where you can’t possibly reach!

What causes your ears to itch? You’ve heard the famous saying that someone’s gossiping you when your ears are itching or turning red? Well, that’s not it.

Scientifically speaking, at least. The ears are filled with neurological fibers and if they are particularly sensitive, which can happen from person to person, they are going to be more sensitive than normal.

Also, ear dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction, or some other ear infections or excessively dry skin on the area of the ears can also be the cause of itchy ears.

Another vast cause is getting water stuck deep inside the ear canal, where our fingers or towels or even ear picks can’t reach! If the itchiness of the ear is followed by a loss of the hearing abilities, it is even a more unpleasant feeling!

Here are some home remedies you can try before going to the doctor.

Warm oil

Warm oil
Warm oil

Warm-up some natural oil you have around the house, but be careful not to burn it or boil it – you have to put a few drops in each ear, lying on each side while you wait for the oil to go really deep into the canals.

Hydrogen peroxide

This is a substance that devours, but it is very weak and it only attacks the ear mucus and bacteria that have made plugs in the canals. Just put a few drops and wait for the reaction. You will feel a slight tickling in the ears caused by the bubbles the hydrogen makes inside the ear canal.

Aloe Vera

Adding a few drops from natural Aloe Vera gel into each ear can restore the pH levels and provide anti-inflammatory reactions inside your ears.

Vinegar and Alcohol

You should mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, cold. Use a dropper to put a few drops in each ear canal and wait for the mixture to get really deep.

However, because both alcohol and vinegar can really dry the ear canal, it is not recommended to use this technique very often. Make sure it works, and stop pouring the drops in your ear or just try some of the other natural remedies written in this article.

This Is What It Means If Your Ear Itches, Especially On The Inside!
This Is What It Means If Your Ear Itches, Especially On The Inside!

If the itchiness doesn’t stop, and your hearing abilities haven’t retained as well, you should check with your doctor.

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