This Plant Is The Absolute Oxygen Bomb!

This Plant Is The Absolute Oxygen Bomb!

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This Plant Is The Absolute Oxygen Bomb!

Plants aren’t just beautiful and alive home decor, but they can also purify, humidify and cool the air around them. Absolute Oxygen Bomb

You don’t need experts to tell you that having certain plants around the house can increase the level of oxygen and freshen up the air. But remove mold and toxins from the air as well!

Here are some of the most useful and at the same time, easy plants to take care of, which can bring you many benefits around the house and especially, release the toxins from the air in the rooms.

Spider Plant Absolute Oxygen Bomb

This type of plant is able to cleanse about 200 square meters, releasing carbon monoxide and dioxide, toxins and formaldehyde from the area.

This is a superb plant to stay in your sleeping room, as a result, cleome is a superb chemical element creator!

Peace Lily plant

To be honest, the first time I saw the Peace Lily plant, I immediately fell in love and went to buy it right after the visit to my friend’s house where I saw it. It was only after when I discovered that this plant is excellent in removing mold spores from the environment, also eliminating formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air, making it pure.

Peace Lily plant

This plant is more active during the night than in the day time period, because it releases the oxygen and absorbs the carbon dioxide especially at this period, making it the best plant to keep around you when you sleep.

Aloe Vera

The enormous and endless varieties of this family of plants are absolutely mesmerizing for me – they look just like corals on Earth! They are the absolute oxidative bombs, which was concluded from a study that proved that Aloe Vera has the same capacity of air purifying as 9 other purifying plants! The best thing about Aloes is that they don’t demand too much care and water.

The Golden Pothos Plant

This plant is hard to take care of, but it pays off because it is able to eliminate the benzene and other similar types of toxins from the air. It doesn’t acquire a lot of sunlight, especially not direct one, so it’s good to have it in bathrooms and in corners of other rooms.

The Estragon Plant

Tea is made from this plant in some cultures, which can help the human body to relax and detoxify, in a similar way as going to the sauna, releasing the extra fluids and toxins out. That’s the exact same result you get if you place the Estragon plant in a room in your home but keep it away from direct sunlight because it will burn those fragile green leaves.

Chrysanthemum Plant

These flowery plants are excellent in removing toxins from the air. A scientific study has proven them to eliminate more than 90% of formaldehyde and benzene from the air!

Just a tip for the end – 18 plants are recommended to be around 500 square feet. Calculate the number of plants you need for your home!

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