Top 10 Shade Garden Ideas For The Backyard

Top 10 Shade Garden Ideas For The Backyard

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Life, with all its activities, can be pretty hectic and stressful. This stress can build up and lead to complications later in life. Stress relief activities are, therefore, very important for a healthy life. An example of a stress relief activity is gardening. Recent studies have found that gardening is better at stress relief than reading. Gardening promotes better relief from acute stress. It also encourages being in the open which is good for physical health. However, it seems like every gardener has to face an issue. What to plant at the patch cursed with full or partial shade. Surviving in shade is not every plant’s cup of tea. Shady spots can be a tough challenge for every gardener. To help you with this, here’s a list of 10 shade garden ideas for the backyard-


1. Create a Retreat: –

Transform the once shady spot into a stylish retreat. The former eyesore can be converted into a shady wonder. Complete it with clearings, seating areas, ponds, paths, and flowers. Simply using a patio umbrella creates a miniature sitting area. Hence, the once ugly spot is now converted into a summer oasis. Now, you have a perfect spot to enjoy your hot summer days with a glass of lemonade.

2. Put In a Path: –

There exists more than one way to improve any shady backyard. Create simple paved areas to create a sense of destination among the mass of foliage. Here’s a tip for your shady garden. Repeat terracotta color of your path with coleus plants to match into the landscape.

3. Play up Texture: –

Use the shady texture of your backyard to your advantage. Combine plants with different textures and colors. Instead of a large patch of fading grass, keep a small section of well-mowed grass and shade-loving plants. Examples of plants to use are golden meadow rue along with contrasting purple leaf coral bells and big leaf umbrella plant.

4. Use Ground-covers: –

Make use of low-growing ground-covers like golden creeping Jenny to crowd out the weeds growing. This makes your garden easier to maintain.

5. Plant Annuals: –

Annuals are perfect for shady spots because they bloom all summer long. They also add a variety of colors to your garden. Plant annuals like impatiens, balsam, coleus, browallia, torenia and iresine.

6. Use up the small spaces: –

Use less space to grow more by adding vines. This also adds color and creates a privacy screen or covering. Recommended vines are Dutchman’s pipe, Virginia creeper, and climbing hydrangea. These grow best in shady spots.

7. Add flowering shrubs: –

Add a wide variety of flowering shrubs to your garden. This packs your spot with color and texture. Shrubs to be used are azaleas, rhododendrons and their foliage. These shrubs even keep your garden looking good in winter.

8. Add height to your garden: –

Create different height layers for an interesting garden. Bridge the gap between the heights using pillars or shade-tolerant plants like hosta and astilbe. Putting these smaller plants under tall trees like canopy provides a better effect. This helps create a variety of height layers in your garden adding to its beauty.

9. Add in a Water Feature: –

Install a pond or stream or any other water feature to your garden. The trickling sound of the water adds sensory appeal. Using a simple fountain or recirculating pump also provide a magical effect to your garden. 

10. Incorporate Art into your garden: –

Add a mix of fun and quirky objects to give your garden personality. Mix in silver spheres to your garden to add a focal point of light and charm to your garden. If there’s a water body like a small pond, these spheres provide better interest.

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