Top 10 Tips to Start a Christmas Tree Farm to Make Money

Top 10 Tips to Start a Christmas Tree Farm to Make Money

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Start a Christmas Tree Farm to Make Money

Start a Christmas Tree Farm to Make Money Every year, across the nation many people purchase Christmas trees for their holiday celebrations. Unlike vegetables and flowers, Christmas trees don’t need to be tending every day, so it’s very easy to grow this wonderful tree even in your free time.

Do you know more than 34.5 million trees have been purchased by people every year? However artificial trees are popular that provides beautiful scent, ambiance and one of a kind appearance but they can’t be equal to natural trees. Christmas trees need very low maintenance and work perfect for spare time project and give you good income in the upcoming years.

By planting a portion of new trees each year, it will give you steady income as the trees mature in an average of 8 years. The best part about these trees is they can be harvested and can be replanted too.

We are here to show you 10 simple tips to start this Christmas tree farm in your small property to make lots of money every year.

1.Seedling And Planting:

Different tree seedlings are priced differently when it comes to Christmas trees. For the most part folks, the people who live in North West can easily grow Douglas fir, Grand Fir, and Noble fir.

You can buy these seedlings from boutique growers, water houser, to grow pretty and healthy seedlings.

Make sure you dip and disc up the dirt or soil before planting your seed. And if you’re just starting and don’t have your own tractor, reach out to the local farmer who charges very less for planting these seedlings.

2.Amount Of Land You Need:

Typically one single tree takes 6-8 years to grow, so it totally depends on the type of land you have in your area. To be frank, you need 1 acre to grow 1500 trees and the 10-acre piece will yield you 15000 trees.

3. Choose Share Cropping And Rental Arrangements:

You can easily find many farmers who can share their land with you. Generally, many people agree with 50-50 share in everything. Where the farmer provides the land and the grower provides the knowledge which helps you to produce lots of crop in the land.

4. Pacific North West Is The Best Place:

Even though you can grow Christmas trees anywhere, but North West is great for growing these beautiful trees. However, gather information from all the folks who stay in other regions of the country to pick out the best one.

5.Choosing The Right Plant:

If you live in pacific North West, then you must plant Grand Fir, Noble Fir, and Douglas fir. And if you live in north Frazier fir, Pennsylvania Douglas fir and pines are best.

6. What Kind Of Margins You Need To Have To Maintain Christmas Trees:

Maintain minimum margins, for example, buy the tree for 10$ and sell it for 30$ dollars which are considered as minimum margin. However, you can typically buy a tree for $15 and with the right location, it can sell for $50-$80. Simply location is the key to retailing.

7. Advertise:

Advertising is crucially important when it comes to making money with your Christmas trees. So put up on many flags, banners, palm plates, and signs out you can. You can even spread them to your folks who live in other cities or who already have a business which helps to increase your business.

8. Know The Worth Of Christmas Season:

Typically, the Christmas tree lot at a halfway decent location will sell anywhere from 500-1500 trees. And if its seasonal business, you must hit them hard without sitting around.

In the start do business with your friends and family, once you get the profit drive up to the lot and look around. Know how other folks are working on it and spying is not a bad thing actually it is a part of the fun and getting information.

9. A Good Way To Maintain Christmas Farm:

When it comes to business you will have good folks who support you and the bad ones who degrade you for the work.

Whenever you want help from the people, just reach out to good organizations to get help in a proper way.

10. Key To Success For Your Christmas Farm:

Planning is the key to success. You must plan to do anything once you get into the farm. There are so many folks who want to help you throughout your journey to see success. You know it’s really fun making money with your favorite trees.

Start a Christmas Tree Farm to Make Money
Start a Christmas Tree Farm to Make Money

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