Top 5 vegetables which serve as a replacement for your grocery items

Top 5 vegetables which serve as a replacement for your grocery items

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Gardening is always the most beautiful thing to do. It is good for the physical activeness and also you can grow 100% organic vegetables without any harmful content at your backyard or maybe at your garden. Gardening also helps in some of your home groceries requirement. It also found that if you plant some vegetables in your home yard then you will save a huge amount of money from grocery expenses. Planting some of the plants helps you to decrease the expenses of your grocery market. And planting vegetables in home also has different types of health benefits because you can produce without using different fertilisers and everyone knows that using fertilisers can increase the quality of the vegetables but most of the fertilisers are very harmful for health.

Here is the five easy vegetables you can grow to save on your groceries.


Spinach is incredibly beneficial for your health. Chefs use it almost in every dishes. Spinach has only 23 kcal energy and very low amount of fat in every 100 grams. Fresh spinach contents different vital antioxidants like vitamin-A, vitamim-C etc. it is also very good source of vitamin-K. Spinach can use in salad. It content Lots of Vitamin A good for eyes and healthy skin and also full of dietary fiber, which is good for metabolic system. Good for repairing of muscle tissues. It also can be used in smoothies and salad. Salad is a mixture of different varieties of lettuce and arugula.


Full of Vitamin C. Good For Skin. Good for toppings. Easy to grow and can be used in any ways. cherry tomatoes are one of the best and easy growing veggie. It can be used in along with various veggie trays. Growing cherry tomato is far more filled with fun then growing any other veggies. There are some wonderful varieties of cherry tomatoes. Those tomatoes are both useable in cooked as well as fresh modes.

3.Cucumber and Green Chilli:

cucumbers are always high in nutrients. Its helps to detoxify naturally. It uses in salad and as topping. Eating cucumber also helps to keep body cool in summer. Green chilli has so many benefits like, it protects against cancer, gives a beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, etc. Green chillies are has full of antioxidants, which protects from different harmful viruses. Almost everyone use this in every meal. It is also very good for testosterone and for other hormones. And it can be grown in any time of the year. Taking chillies is also relieves pains, improve digestion. 


Herbs is the most important thing that we should keep in our house. Herbs like Basil, Mint etc. are uses in Tea, Topping, Salad, different dishes, etc. Herb helps a lot to improve our immunity system. Herbs can be produced after every 2 or 3 weeks and one must concern about the moist in the soil. One have to keep providing moist to that soil for regular healthy result. After those plants establishment always use a sharp scissors to cut them in a daily basis. Almost in every dish herbs can be use for improving the taste of the food.

5.Kale and chard:

One of the most easy growing and healthy greens are these smoothie greens. It is more cold hardy then those of the salad greens. You can easily plant them in a freezing weather. On that occasion one must need a cold frame or other season extending things. In our household we use these smoothie greens in a regular basis especially in our morning breakfast. One can find these green stuffs scary at first but at the end it can really provide you such good result. If you want a break from your gardening then grow up more and more smoothie veggies in their season and freeze them in a cool place. In off season you can easily get them for a healthy rooting. 

We should do gardening and grow vegetables and flowers in our houses. It is not only good for our little one’s health but also good for to work together like a team. It gives a lot of mental happiness and good vibes. Go do gardening and make our earth green as much as you can. 

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