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Training Tips That Will Help You Train Your New Puppy

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It isn’t too early to begin puppy puppy obedience training for your puppy dog, so begin right away by teaching a puppy starting from wrong. If you let your dog make do with bad behavior simply because you imagine it’s OK as he can be a puppy, you will regret it later when he grows in a disobedient and unruly dog.

1. Praise Good Behavior

Always praise your pup forever behavior and reward him with treats, cuddles or toys and provide a positive affirmation, for example yes or good boy. This will reinforce his good behavior and make him willing to please you.

2. Beware of Rewarding Bad Behavior

Puppies can get bored and may often bark in order to gain your attention. If as an example your dog is barking at you to realize your attention, you ought to ignore him and when he stops barking then reward him for stopping barking. He will soon receive the message.

If you shout at your pup to try to get him to stop barking and that he keeps barking, you will just turn out developing a shouting (or barking) match with him. He will then have gained your attention but got what he wanted. Barking at you to get your attention (unless its to alert you to danger etc) is not something you must encourage in a puppy.

3. Always Keep the Mood Light and Happy

Always maintain your mood light and happy and also have a great deal of patience when training your dog. If you find yourself getting angry and frustrated with your pup you should end the courses session and resume at a later date when you’re feeling calm. If you get angry and shout at a puppy you are going to find he’ll almost certainly be less willing to assist you and it will make puppy obedience training a chore rather than a pleasant experience.

4. Always Use the Same Commands

Always use the same commands when training a puppy otherwise he’ll wind up confused. Use short words, like sit, stay, down and are available. Use a light and happy tone and provides a puppy plenty of praise for getting things right.

5. Keep The Training Sessions Short and Consistent

When you might be training your dog keep working out sessions consistent and at regular times every day. Keep the sessions short to begin with with as your dog could have a short attention span and can have a tendency to become bored easily. Make the training fun and interesting to your puppy.

Above all make sure to spend playtime with your dog and give him plenty of praise, love and affection.

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