Top 5 Instagram Trends for 2021 That Will Help Your Social Media Strategy

Top 5 Instagram Trends for 2021 That Will Help Your Social Media Strategy

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How to improve your Social Media Strategy? Instagram is a growing platform for the young generation and the online presence is very high. The trust and creditability of the customers also increase by the Instagram profile. Instagram tends to have limited before only on brand awareness and publishing content. 

The recent additions on Instagram such as IGTV, and the shopping button has made the business publish their products easily. Digital marketing companies mostly use Instagram for their social media strategy.

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users and 500+ million people check their platform every day. Instagram has a very smooth interface that can easily attract people to your company profile. So it is just a matter of marketing our product with attractive posts and videos.

01. Instagram stories to attract to your profile

When you open Instagram, you would be able to see that stories will be appearing from your friends and the profiles you follow. It can be identified that most people go through stories before they check on the post. Which includes stickers and options that will help you to make the post more attractive. 

Instagram also released a trend on supporting a small business to help on covid, finding new ways to support them. Adding links in Instagram stories which they market their product and swipe up an option to easy product purchase.

How can this help your business? Well, it depends on your business model. If you’re a small-scale business the number of stories you’re going to post will be lower than a bigger business. For example- if you own a clothing shop and you want to market your products through it. The normal tradition is to take images of your clothes with a particular model and post it.

Why don’t you ask customers what type of clothing are they looking for? This is where Instagram stories help you a lot. You can do whole research on your customer without spending anything. You can put multiple-choice questions asking what dress style you prefer going out and include 4 answers. Furthermore, you can include polls and choose which one is the best. This information would give greater opportunities to understand the consumer and improve your business. Lets look into the next social media strategy.

02. Instagram Live

If we identify the latest stats, the usage of Instagram live has increased sharply during the lockdown. The Instagram live was usually for the entertainment and other webinars that they were using a lot, but creators hopped in social media strategy. Live videos have extended from one hour to four hours now.

How do you improve brand awareness through Instagram? The major successful method is you market your product with an influencer. You give the product to the influencer to use on the live and another speaker from your company answering questions and asking the feedback from the influencer. This would help your customers to talk to you and ask questions and bring brand awareness. You could also live telecast your new product launch and product-related events. Lets look into the next social media strategy.

03. Instagram shopping

In recent months, Instagram shopping has been introduced with online selling. It shows the price, website, other products, and the link to the website. There are many advantages a company could get just not only social media strategy advantage. The first advantage is that it’s an online presence with your reachable customer. When the user looks at an attractive design, he will start following your Instagram page and after that, you must just upload the products you have.

The second advantage is that you increase your Search Engine optimization advantages because to check your final product. The customer will log in to your website and purchase on-site. This would easily increase the traffic on your website and It would help you with the appearance and bring more conversions.

The third advantage is mainly from your profile, you can educate and guide them with your product. For example- if you are selling beauty products you can attach a recommendation why they should purchase. On self-care and other posts. Furthermore, attaching the testimonials from the customer would include the trust towards your product. Lets look into the next social media strategy.

04. Focus on IGTV

Along with Instagram live and Reels, IGTV gives another advantage for your social media strategy. The videos that will be in your feed have a limit of 1 minute and in IGTV gives a greater advantage to post for 15 minutes. The reach of IGTV also tends to be more than the normal post. This video can be more productive videos for example- Showing how the product is made or how it should be used with a proper guide. Vertical videos get the attraction of the customer easily to keep the active in the whole video.

Attachment of hashtags is also important to get reach for your videos and posts. It is the best way to reach the potential users, likewise it easier for others to find your information. Moreover, when the user is spending more time on particular content. It is more likely to bring your content too with the same hashtags.  Lets look into the next social media strategy.

05. Instagram reels and boomerangs

The business creates a quality 15 second video in a very attractive strategy. The Instagram reel allows engaging fun and short videos with the use of music. The business tends to be an account when the videos get into the explore page will just not improve your brand awareness. But also increase those engagements into sales opportunities.

The Instagram algorithm also tends to be helpful in certain cases. Instagram helps you to promote your videos with the new users too, Boomerangs are also effective with marketing, wonder how? By creating suspense for the user. For example- your business is a beverage product. A customer or an employee can post something in their story with your product aside. Which eventually creates a user to click and check on what’s the product.

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