Tricks to Growing Great Tasting Broccoli

Tricks to Growing Great Tasting Broccoli

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Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable. This vegetable almost looks like cauliflower but it is a dark green colored vegetable. There are so many various types of broccoli you can see in the market. One of the most popular variety is sun king hybrid. This is a great variety to grow and you can plant in indoor condition. Broccoli is a cool season crop. So you can grow it in the fall through the winter and even in early spring. So scroll down and see the tricks, how you can grow a broccoli plant in a very easy way.

Trick 1:

So here is the first trick you can use to grow a great tasted broccoli. At first you have to prepare the soil where you want to plant the broccoli seeds. For preparing the soil you have to mix some fertilisers, like, coconut coir or peat moss, vermiculite or prelate, Compost or manure. Mix all the things properly for getting a good result. In researchers opinion this mix are great seed starting mix and even you can you a different fertilisers instead of coconut coir.

Trick 2:

Now about thirty four days after sowing what you have to do is you have to transplants the seedlings into slightly larger containers. Because the first container, in that you prepare the soil that raised bed is not yet ready and those seedlings have started growing already big. By transplanting these broccoli seedlings into these little larger containers, we can grow them for few weeks till the raised beds are ready. For the pudding mix you have to mix that comprised of 30% peat moss, 30% vermiculite, 30% compost and the remaining 10% you can add a worm castings or manure or organic fertilizers.

Trick 3:

Now in this method of growing broccoli, you are started indoors and then transplanting them and eventually plant those in a raised bed. So here are the transplants are ready and now you can leave them for six to eight weeks to grow in these containers. But you can also plant them if your raised bed is ready. After 45 to 50 days of starting the broccoli seeds you can transplants those seedlings in the raised bed. You can see your seedlings, and that grown pretty well which is quite bigger in those small containers. The raised bed must be a minimum big in sized, like 4 by 4 feet. And now you have to prepare a good layout for planting these seedlings. You must keep 10 to 12 inches distance between two plants and make sure that you give enough space between your broccoli plants. If you crowd them together, they are not able to produce as many heads of broccoli as you expect.

Trick 4:

So now see is the next trick you have to use after completing above tricks. After 80 to 85 days of transplanting you will see the plant will grow quite well. And also you have to replenish some of this soil in the raised bed you have to add some peat moss and some other fertilisers to the raised bed mix. After 90 to 95 days you can see the little broccoli heads and those heads will mature into a larger broccoli heads very quickly.

Trick 5:

Most of the gardeners are not get good quality broccoli because of some harmful insects is there in the soil or in the broccoli. Now to avoid those insects, like caterpillars on your broccoli plant you can use one of the solutions like BT (BacillusThuringia). These chemicals are safe for you and by using these you can avoid most pests on your plant. But if you can maintain regularly the broccoli then you will not need for those chemicals. So after 110 days since sowing, you can see the broccoli flowers will grow quite big and it might bigger as well. But won’t harvest your broccoli before they start flowering so at this stage you can still wait for a little longer till the head becomes slightly larger. So after growing properly, now you can harvest the broccoli. After harvesting the main head of the broccoli plant you will get a lot more little broccoli florets that you can harvest as well and that’s the real benefit of growing a broccoli plant you can harvest the fresh broccoli florets as long as the plants grow. You are not going to be limited by one broccoli.

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