Unbelievable Borax Uses In The Garden

Unbelievable Borax Uses In The Garden

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Borax Uses:Borax is one of the most common and necessary ingredient for housekeeping. Generally, people use this product as perfect cleansing agent and multipurpose cleaner and is made up of only one ingredient called boron. It is a mineral salt with acidic properties and works effective as a natural cleanser.
However, this natural ingredient is not only used as a cleansing agent, but many people use borax in the garden too. Using borax in our garden has many benefits for fruits trees and many more.


Check out some unbelievable uses of borax in garden in this article.

1.Best Fertilizer:

Borax can act as best fertilizer for your plant. It improves the plants growth and health. But you must be very careful while adding this in to the soil, too much of borax can kill the plant. Most people use borax for fruit trees and many people question the safety of it too. However, boron is completely safe to use and a great option for fertilizing soil.

2.Kill Weeds:

As it contains acidic salt, you can use this product as a weed killer in your garden. All you need to do is mix 10 ounces of borax powder with 2.5 gallons of water and use this mixture to spray it on unwanted leaves of weeds in your yard. Make sure to avoid it with your bare skin and saturating the soil with the solution.

3.Control Pests:

Borax is the best thing to protect your crops from ants. Just mix borax with sugar and add a little bit of water to make it a paste. Spread this paste on the surface as a butter lip in the garden. When the ants consume this paste, they eventually die easily.

4.Remove Rust from Tools:

If your garden tools are not working properly just because of rust, then use borax to make them new. Mix borax powder with little amount of lemon juice to make a paste. Apply this paste to your tools and leave them for 30 minutes. And then rub them with a brush and rinse with clean water. Repeat the process if necessary.

5.Augment Soil:

If your garden soil is deficient in boron, then you can add lot of good component to your soil by adding borax to it. Simply adding boron will augment its quality and gives you healthier crop. To find weather your crops are deficient in soil, check out the signs for darkened fruits/leaves, hallowed stems, dead leaf tips, on your crops.

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