Unclog Blocked Arteries With This Simple Drink

Unclog Blocked Arteries With This Simple Drink

Unclog Blocked Arteries With This Simple Drink

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Unclog Blocked Arteries With This Simple Drink

Nowadays, coronary artery disease is getting more and more common and that is why there are some people that start to pay more attention to the health of their hearts.

You can do that by consuming only one fruit and that is the pomegranate. It is helpful for cleaning the arteries so read below to find out more.

Unfortunately, coronary artery disease is so common because people are leading an unhealthy life and they are not paying any attention to their diet. Both of these things are reasons for having a bigger level of cholesterol in your blood.

The good thing is that this can be prevented and you can do that with one drink only that you can prepare on your own.

Unclog Blocked Arteries With This Simple Drink
Unclog Blocked Arteries With This Simple Drink

According to one new research, the extract from a pomegranate is helpful for preventing atherosclerosis. This issue is happening from a high thickening in the coronary arteries that occurs because fatty materials get accumulated.

This research written in Atherosclerosis Journal is claiming that the juice from a pomegranate is cleaning the arteries blocked from the cholesterol.

For this claim, the researchers used rodents that were having coronary issues and gave them extract from pomegranate for some time. The results showed that because of this the rodents didn’t have an accumulation of plaque in their arteries.

Despite this fact, they also revealed some of the other benefits from the pomegranate juice, which are the following:

  • Lowering the oxidative stress
  • Lowering the chemotactic protein of monocytes-1 which is connected with inflammatory processes within arteries.
  • Lessens cardiac enlargement
  • Lowering the accumulation of fats in the cardiac muscle
  • Preventing ECG abnormalities

How is this fruit cleaning the arteries?

This fruit contains a high amount of antioxidants, and especially vitamin C and polyphenols. The Nobel prize-winner, Linus Pauling, said that the biggest reason for having a cardiovascular issue is the lack of vitamin C.

The pomegranate also includes some anti-inflammatory characteristics which are beneficial for lowering the high blood pressure, improving circulation and our immunity for better prevention of infections.

Clean your blocked arteries and cholesterol with this drink!

This is one recipe for pomegranate and apple juice that includes a high amount of flavonoids, tannins, and fiber. They are helpful for cleaning the arteries and lowering the level of cholesterol.N

Preparation: Unclog Blocked Arteries With This Simple Drink

First, you need to wash the fruits good in order to get rid of the bacteria and pesticides. After this, peel the apples and the pomegranate and chop all of them into pieces. Then, put them in the blender; add some water, and the drink is ready! You need to drink it right away!

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