Using Eggshells In Your Garden – Smart Garden Tips

Using Eggshells In Your Garden – Smart Garden Tips

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As per research and several studies, it is estimated that an average person consumes about 150-200 eggs annually. That’s over a trillion eggs per year, so what about the eggshells?

We have commercial methods for disposing of eggshells such as using it as a fertilizer or calcium in animal feed, but the average consumer typically drops them into the kitchen waste bin. If you are among these people, here are 6 excellent ways of using eggshells in your garden.

Using Eggshells In Your Garden:

1. Fertilizer:

Eggshells are an excellent way to add calcium to your compost. Because shells have a very high surface area and they decompose very quickly. You can even incorporate crumbled eggshells directly into the bottoms of your planting holes in the spring.
For maximum effect, spring eggshells into the around the base of your plant every two weeks.

2.House Plant Booster:

Do you know eggshells also support the healthy growth of your plants? All you need to do is keep a mason jar of eggshells and cover it with water. Use this water for your plants for healthy growth.

3. Seed Pots:

It’s time to not worry about the pots to start seeding; you just need to fill half an eggshell with a tiny bit of potty soil, drop a seed in, and sprinkle with water. If you save your egg cartons then you’ll have the perfect container to hold your seed starts until they’re ready to plant.

4. Garden Pest Deterrent:

The best way to protect your garden from pests like snails, slugs, and cutworms is by crushed eggshells around your garden. The jagged edges will do a number on the soft bodies of these pests if they try to cross them.

5. Repel Deer:

Scattering some eggshells around the plants repel dears from your garden. Because deer hate the smell of albumin and hate to stay in the area that smells like raw eggs.

6. Feed The Birds:

Before and after laying eggs, birds need lots of calcium in their diets. All you need to do is sterilize your eggshells by baking them at 250Farenheit for 10 minutes so the shells are completely dry.
Then crumble your eggshells and place them outdoors during spring and summer seasons. Feed birds by mixing them with bird seeds or mealworms of the existing bird feeder.

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