Want to Get Rid of Your Love Handles? Do These 5 Exercises Daily!!

Want to Get Rid of Your Love Handles? Do These 5 Exercises Daily!!

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Exercising is a great way of melting away fat from different body parts. One of the hardest and most annoying parts to get rid off are the love handles. Millions of people around the world wish they don’t have the love handles, but very few are prepared to work for that. It doesn’t happen over night, but with a proper diet and regular exercising routine, it can happen.

Luckily, there are more than a few exercises which can target this area and melt away all the excess fat from the midsection. So let jump right into it:

Exercise 1: Russian Twists

The Russian Twist is primarily a core exercise that can be varied greatly to cater to different fitness levels, different goals, and offer variations through progression and regression. You can do this exercise with a medicine ball, some dumbbells or empty handed.

Exercise 2: Side Plank Lift

Go down into a side plank and rest your body weight on your elbow, keeping your hips and knees off the ground. Now, raise your body off the ground while squeezing your core, then bring the body down to the floor. The first time you do these, your obliques will be sore. Side plank lifts are one of the best exercises for strengthening your internal core muscles and your obliques.

Exercise 3: Box Jumps

One of the best ways to eliminate your love handles, is to incorporate some cardio into your workout routine. This is the perfect exercise for that. All you need to do is put a box in front of you, then jump on it with both feet and land in a squatting position. Step down and repeat the process a few times.

Exercise 4: Bicycle Crunches

With the bicycle crunches you add rotational movement that improves balance, stability, and core strength. It’s an effective abdominal movement that works the core in several capacities, including trunk flexion, trunk rotation, and hip flexion. The motion requires a balance of strength and coordination.

Exercise 5: Jumping Burpees

Another cardio workout to help you burn fat for effectively. Jumping burpees work wonders on love handles, because it combines a few exercises into one move. This means you work multiple muscle groups at once, which makes them great for toning not only your love handles, but your arms and legs also.



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