What to Plant in Your Fall Vegetable Garden in October – The Complete Guide

What to Plant in Your Fall Vegetable Garden in October – The Complete Guide

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As October is here, it’s time to know about the vegetables that grow well especially in this season to be a successful gardener. Extending your gardening season with the second fall will obviously increase your annual yield and allow you to enjoy fresh vegetables.

The best thing about fall gardening is, you don’t need to worry about pests and other problems due to cool weather. Take a look on vegetables that should be planted in this fall season.

1.Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels sprouts are perfect addition for your fall garden and they will hold up well in early frost


Turnips are one of those amazing vegetable which can be grow easily in this fall season and delicious to eat.


Collards are packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins which are essential to maintain healthy body and they taste great in stir fries. The best time to have them is after the frost date to experience the great taste.

4.Green Onions:

Even though green onions is sowed in summer, they can survive winter too if not harvested.


Lettuce is one of those green crops that can be planted in late summer to early fall. Enjoy having them in your special salads.


Cauliflower belongs to cabbage family just plant them in this fall season. Use them in your soups and mashed potatoes this fall.


Peas grow well in cool weather make sure to choose the short season variety for an autumn harvest.


Radishes can be sown in this fall season and can be harvested within four weeks after planting. This vegetable is considered as one of the fast– growing plants.

9.Mustard Greens:

Mustard greens can tolerate cold temperature which makes their leaves sweeter. If you do not have freezes in your area then you can enjoy them all winter long in your salads.


Arugula hates the heat and it also gets heavy damage with hard frost and snow. Row covers can help arugula to grow healthily that can last longer throughout the season.


Spinach is considered as a hardy winter vegetable and it can easily survive temperature below IF and it can grow mature size beforehand. This plant can have a higher success rate in colder garden zones with a raw cover.


Leeks are cold-hardy plant and can harvest all winter long. If you want to see their healthy growth then you must mulch deeply around the leeks during their growing period just to avoid frozen in the ground. It tastes great when grown in colder regions and make sure to cover them with their stalks.

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