Why Do Houseplants Get Brown Tips

Why Do Houseplants Get Brown Tips

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Houseplants Get Brown Tips

Brown tips are a sign showing that something is going wrong with your houseplants. There are a couple of reasons that the house plants get brown tips on their leaves and stems. We have listed all of them here in this article and you have to decide which one suits your plant.

Houseplants Get Brown Tips
Houseplants Get Brown Tips

The Plant Is Root Bound:

When a houseplant has been in a pot for a long time the roots fill the pot and leave no space for water and soil. So the plant will dry out quickly even when you’ve watered it as you have for years.
So, what you need to do is tip the plant out of the plant and if you see the roots circling outside or if the roots are growing out of the drainage hole then it’s time for the report. Put the plant in a pot which is 2-3 wider on all sides.

Too Much Fertilizer:

Plants should be fed only when they are growing actively growing and producing healthy leaves. If the plant doesn’t absorb any food, the salts in the food collect in the soil and result in causing black or brown spots on the leaves. Too much fertilizer might result in causing brown spots on the leaves of household plants.

Household Water Contains Chemicals:

The water we drink is absolutely fine for our bodies but not for our plants. Why? Household water contains too much chlorine and fluoride that causes damage and appearance of brown spots on the plants, especially for dracaenas and palms.
The best way to handle this problem is to let the water sit out overnight before using it. That gives the chemicals a chance to dissipate and no longer be in the water. You can also use distilled water for your plants too.

Lack Of Humidity:

Generally, many houseplants are native to jungle conditions so, if your home is very dry then you have to mist your plants and give them a shower every few days. Grouping houseplants together will also help to keep the humidity levels up in your home.

Apart from these, below are some reasons for brown tips on indoor plants.
Plant Pests

  • Too much water
  • Chemical burns
  • Too much direct sunlight
  • Bad air circulation
  • Insufficient nutrients
  • Make sure to use good water is a great start for your indoor plants.

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