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Why do my succulents die so quickly?

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Why do my succulents die so quickly? I’ve tried waiting to water them and I’ve tried watering them when I first get them. The only way that I water them is by sitting them in a small amount of water and letting them absorb the amount they need

You are killing them with water. Succulents, even bromiliads, orchids snake plants ( mother in law tongue) do not need water, it rots their roots very quickly. Most grow naturally on rock, pure sand, attached to trees, in very well draining, low nutrient media.

If you want succulents, throw them in small gravel, or pure sand, then put in a well lit window, full sun or participate sun, based on light needs, and then ignore for a couple months. If you want to have plants to fiddle with, over care for etc, get needy plants that require frequent water, fertilizer and trimming.

I have mine in all areas, I never actually water them. They get rain if it rains, they may get mist or splashes, when I water around them, and humidity does the rest.

When my friend who has a huge property trims/digs up back her snake plants, bromiliads, succulents, etc, she just lays piles all over in the sun, it could be weeks before I get over there and they are all fine, then I from off any old growth, stick them around the yard and I have instant bromiliad gardens. I do, in dry season, add water to the inside of bromiliads, but not for the plant, for tree frogs.

👇air plant is empty coconut with silver rock. Never water, at all.

These bromiliad gardens, lad out in Sun for over a month, I stuck in pine needles, bark and dry leaves with a bit of eucalyptus mulch. Snake plants, variegated dwarf jade several species of snake, round and bladed,never water. Aloes, only if drought.


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