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Why Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets Every Week?

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You Wash Your Sheets Every Week

Changing the sheets, especially on your master bedroom, and especially those ones who have an elastic band on the sides can be a real struggle and a task you’re prolonging for days. But this prolonging can be very harmful to your health.Wash Your Bed Sheets

You Wash Your Sheets Every Week
You Wash Your Sheets

My mother always says that I should change the sheets and pillowcases every 7 days – it’s a non-written ancient rule for our family.

I made some concessions from time to time, but after reading what I’m about to tell you, I change the sheets every 7 days, mostly Sunday without any hesitation and prolongation.

Have you noticed how your sheets smell when you take them to the laundry? While we sleep, ou bodies release extra toxins and liquids, and mostly we sweat more.

Our resting hours actually produce a ton of bacteria and fungus on the bedsheets, and it is not just an unpleasant smell – but it’s unhealthy for our bodies to be sleeping on sheets like that!

Wash Your Bed Sheets
Wash Your Bed Sheets

I just read somewhere that while we sleep, our bodily soil and oils are released, also saliva (depending on how you sleep), some urine, genital fluids and other toxins that come out of our bodies when they’re released overnight.

If these germs are not washed regularly, the possible illnesses that could attack our organism are infinite! Not to mention that the germs could also easily find their ways to slip inside the mattresses and pillows – which is after, much more difficult to get rid of them because with some of them, such as fungus, the regular tossing in the washer wouldn’t be of actual help.

My neighbor, who is also a doctor for home medicine said that “The excrement of the mites can cause breathing problems for those with allergies and asthma, but can easily be removed by washing in hot water.

Likewise, if the climate is very hot, and the sleepers sweat intensely or the sleepers are sick, progressively visit washings are suggested.”

You sure wouldn’t want to waste all that time in washing and changing the sheets just to have the same, dirty smells as they did before – that’s why you should always wash them on high temperatures – 60 at least! This also makes the fabric anti-allergenic.

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