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Why You Should Soak Seeds Before Planting

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Soaking seeds before planting them is an old trick in gardening and many people aren’t aware of the benefits of them. Well, this article provides you the answer as well as shows you how to soak seeds before planting.

Why You Should Soak Seeds Before Planting:

The short answer is because your seeds were designed to be abused and nature is not kind to a little seed. In this wild, seed undergoes many awful conditions and experience cruel warmth of cold, exceptionally wet or dry condition and may even survive in acid filled stomach of an animal.

However, seeds have developed million years ago with defenses to survive many critical conditions. So, soaking seeds before planting will help them to break down the seeds natural defenses against what it expects from the Mother Nature and germinate faster.

Another reason, for most seeds moisture levels play a big role for its optimal growth. Soaking seeds before planting will boosts its moisture content and signals the seed that it is safe to grow.

And lastly, some types of seeds contain germination inhibitors which actually prevent the seed from germinating inside the fruit. These inhibitors must be leached away before germinating. Soaking seeds will prevent them and make a way for the germination process.

How To Soak Seeds Before Planting:

  • For soaking seeds you just need two things seeds and water.
  • Take a bowl full of water as hot as your tap will allow. Some seeds germinate faster in hot water and some may not. But hot water is the best and safest for seed soaking.
  • Once your bowl is filled with water, place some seeds in it and allow the seeds to stay in the water as it cools down.
  • You must leave them 12-24 hours, over soaking of seeds may leave them drown. The seeds of some species of plants can survive longer soakings, but you should only do this if the specification instructions for the species recommended so.
  • After soaking the seeds you can plant them directly in the yard or pots. The soaking seeds before planting will reduce the germination time and plants grow faster than you think.

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