You know I love my smoothies

You know I love my smoothies

Keep up, amp up or maybe even start your healthy ways. It always matters, but most especially now.

You know I love my smoothies – it’s a great way to get a well-rounded nutritional meal and I’m making sure I get those greens in there too!! ⁣

This one is pretty simple: ⁣

~Almond milk⁣
~Chocolate Lean protein powder⁣
~Joyome collagen ⁣
~Organic spinach and kale⁣

I know a lot of people are home and have stocked up on food, but please pay attention to what you’re eating and your sugar intake. Excess sugar is harmful to your health and can weaken your immune system. So sugar awareness is more important than ever. ⁣

Protein powders are great, but watch out for the extra junk and sugar that can sometimes be added to them. It can sound healthy but it can actually be a sugar and chemical bomb with protein in it, and that’s the last thing we want! ⁣

Reminder: what you put in your body always matters and always has an effect on your body and immune system, but it’s more important now than ever! 

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